The Grand Duet: Special Edition - Grand Lies & Grand Love by JC Hawke

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  • The Grand Duet: Special Edition - Grand Lies & Grand Love
  • JC Hawke
  • Page: 958
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781919611020
  • Publisher: Ivy Rose Publishing Ltd

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Free it books to download The Grand Duet: Special Edition - Grand Lies & Grand Love

Grand Lies They say love makes the world go around. Mason Lowell set mine spinning. One night. Three kisses. And the promise of more when morning came. While the city of London slept, he made good on our promise. Only to cut me with his words as the sun broke. I ran from him-I always ran. But Mason Lowell was different, and he wouldn't let me go without a fight, finding my flaws and embedding himself into them. My push was strong. I spent my whole life perfecting it. But his pull was unashamedly stronger, and the rope he bound around my heart was his to pull at will. Love was shared-so much love. Promises were made-he broke every one. And then just when I think we are playing in the same key... The music stops. Grand Love Our love was like a lightning bolt. A pain in the chest that I couldn't forget. Nina Anderson ruined me for all other women, launching into my world and anchoring herself to my core. She ran-she always ran. Now she's back, holding the tattered pieces of my soul in her fingertips and wanting more than I'm willing to give. I don't want her I don't trust her But I need her Our love is toxic, our words lethal, our bond-unbreakable. But while we toe the line blindly, we both miss the demons we unveil with our light. Demons that threaten to bring me to my knees.

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